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Make your own Habibi. With the “Habibi Classic ID” you can choose between many different colors for your Hoodie, Sweatshirt or T-Shirt.

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Arabic script grabs attention and sometimes even concerned stares by the public. An Alphabet that carries a negative connotation caused by the media.

28 letters misread. Countries mistreated. A whole culture, misunderstood.

This is Habibi – a beautiful word in Arabic that means “Sweety”. And this is us taking a stand. We stand straight and wear Habibi with pride close to our hearts. The aim? Spread a sweet message to change a bitter misconception.

About our products

We founded Habibi in the year 2016. Since then we have produced over 15.000 habibi products. All our products are individually designed and produced in our habibi studio based in northern Germany. Every stitch is made to order by our habibi team. We only work with high quality and environmental responsible clothing.

Every habibi product comes in a habibi bag.
Free shipping in Germany.
Production takes up to 14 work days, because every habibi product is custom made and therefore unique.

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